Last October 29, 2021, GWIC decided to give our members our version of an adults-only quirky, themed Halloween party: The Asylum on Dongshan Hill. It was an evening to unwind with friends, husbands and simply party. Triple Rooster was the venue for GWIC’s first Halloween party which had been transformed into a fictitious asylum complete with an eccentrically colourful Dr Ehrilich (aka Maarten, owner of Triple Rooster). His equally questionable staff played their parts dressed in nurse outfits, carrying trays of an authentic absinthe cocktail recipe from 1920 that were served in syringe shots to eager, happy guests. Revellers descended on the fictitious “Asylum on Dongshan Hill” in amazing costumes and Halloween finery. Gleeful screams echoed as friends were recognized through the gory makeup and fabulous but scary outfits.