GWIC Charity is not only about organizing fundraising events. We also organize visits to several charitable institution.
GWIC partnered and collaborated with Guangzhou Gold Ribbon Special Children Parents Center, a charity organization that act as bridge between the families of the children suffering from leukaemia or rear disease, and the hospital. They provide professional tutors to help them communicate better. They also organize group activities for children to help them go through the long-term treatments with a bit of ease, and encourage the parent’s confidence to boost their morale.  
Recently, our GWIC ladies volunteered to visit the hospital of children suffering from leukaemia. They spent quality time with the in-patient children, shared love, played with them and helped them celebrate their birthdays and the special occasions, such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.  
They brought gifts with warm care to make meaningful moments for the children in their most difficult time. These young children need our strong support during this time of hardship in their life, and GWIC is grateful to have the opportunity to visit and show support to these precious children and their families.
“None of us, including me, ever do great things. 
But we can all do small things, with great love, 
and together we can do something wonderful.”  
– Mother Teresa 


Supported Charity Organizations:

  • Camino Organization
  • Fang Fang Education Project
  • Gather Love Charity Organization
  • Guangzhou Gold Ribbon Special Children Parents Center
  • Guangzhou Little Angel Autism Rehabilitation Canter
  • Free Leaf Charity Organization
  • Handa Rehabilitation Association
  • Homeless Love
  • Hopeful Hearts
  • Huiling Charity Organization
  • Song Cheng Private Nursing Home
  • Wilber Foundation

We are proud to share some of the local Charity Organizations that GWIC had helped and supported throughout the years.