One of the privileges of being a GWIC member is enjoying various concessions and special rates from different businesses and establishments in Guangzhou. Our GWIC membership offers best deals through our Concession partners, from five-star hotels to popular restaurants, cafes, healthcare, spas, gyms and other independent businesses

This year, we are proud to announce that we have a numerous and substantial list of Concession partners that provides special and attractive rate for our GWIC members to enjoy. Our Concessions list is continuously growing and expanding, to our members delight.

The complete Concession list is shared in our official GWIC WeChat Account and can also be found in our GAZETTE (GWIC magazine). Concessions update is given regularly by our Concessions Coordinator in our GWIC WeChat group.

GWIC Members must show their physical GWIC membership card to avail of the special rate given EXCLUSIVELY to our GWIC members.