GWIC Hospitality is one of the most popular components of our organization. The highly favored and anticipated Coffees Morning & Afternoon Teas are one of the longstanding traditions of GWIC which is uniquely GWIC, all made possible by our diligent Hospitality. Furthermore, this team also participates in the annual Meet and Greet, Christmas Celebration, GWIC Gala, and Annual General Meeting.  

Finding the best locations, choosing the suitable culinary experiences, and negotiating on prices are not easy tasks, but our GWIC Hospitality manages to do every year, by being the important liaison between GWIC and the hotels, restaurants plus other establishments, and not to forget: always having our members’ best interest at heart.   

With GWIC Hospitality we taste great food, enjoy each other’s company and share laughter. 

Coffee Morning 

Each month GWIC will host a community breakfast in the Grand Hyatt Hotel Guangzhou Grand Market Restaurant, here is where GWIC Members meet (new) friends and socialize.  

Afternoon Tea 

One of GWIC’s traditions is hosting the Afternoon Tea monthly. All GWIC members and potential members are welcome to join us in the Four Seasons Hotel Café Mondo. 

Special Event: Meet and Greet 

The purpose of this annual program is to welcome back current members and to introduce GWIC to new and potential members, to provide platforms to our main sponsors to present their services and businesses that might be beneficial to our members, and finally share experiences and stories from summer holidays. 

Special Event: Christmas Brunch 

Our annual GWIC CHRISTMAS BRUNCH is one of the most appreciated and anticipated event that our GWIC members always look forward to celebrate, as it brings joy, happiness and Christmas Spirit to everyone.  

Special Events: GWIC Lunches 

With GWIC’s Membership Card, members can enjoy privileges around the city thanks to the GWIC Concession Team. During the Club Lunches ladies can use their membership to explore the latest cuisines. 

Special Event: GWIC Gala  

The GWIC Gala 2021 was our biggest event of the year and it was “A Night To Remember.” 

This unique event was glam all the way but was also focused on supporting our 2 Charity recipients of our Gala event, namely Wilber Foundation and Song Cheng Nursing Home.  

It was a very successful event, well-attended by many of our stunning and glamorous GWIC members, their spouses and families, 7 Consul Generals, representatives from the Diplomatic Corps, representatives from different International Schools, companies and establishments, as well as our generous sponsors and donors, and our distinguished guests. 

 It was truly a celebration of life, gratitude, hope, kindness and generosity, shared together in one SPECTACULAR NIGHT! 

Special Event: Halloween 

With so many Halloween events, GWIC decided to give our members our version of an adults-only quirky, themed Halloween party: The Asylum on Dongshan Hill. It was an evening to unwind with friends, husbands and simply partyTriple Rooster was the venue which had been transformed into a fictitious asylum complete with an eccentrically colourful Dr Ehrilich (aka Maarten, owner of Triple Rooster). His equally questionable staff played their parts dressed in nurse outfits, carrying trays of an authentic absinthe cocktail recipe from 1920 that were served in syringe shots to eager, happy guests. Close to 40 revellers descended on the fictitious “Asylum on Dongshan Hill” in amazing costumes and Halloween finery.  

Events: Charity Shoe & Bag Sale 

Each year GWIC will host a Charity Shoe and Bag Sale Autumn and Spring Edition. GWIC Members and friends can buy the latest European and US Fashion Shoes and Bags in a one-day flash sale and all proceeds will be donated to local charities.